To raise questions about our social climate to facilitate conversations about the world that we find ourselves living in today.
Every year, Blank Page picks a theme that reflects the social climate of the year and focuses on pieces and works that support the theme. 
2023: Government Reversals 
We defined Reversals as "a change (as of fortune) often for the worse." 
Over the past two years, our government has been reversing landmark legislation and putting new bills in effect that are stripping away human rights. 
2022: Mental Health in Isolation
COVID-19 stopped the world. Zoom and Face Time became our usual meeting places. 
Our collective mental health changed in isolation. This was an examination what isolation does to the mental health of those who must endure it.
Lauren Shields (she/her)  is a New York-based director and multi-hyphenate artist. Her directing work has been seen all over New York in festivals and Off-Off Broadway spaces. Lauren's artistic endeavors center on amplifying underrepresented voices while challenging the audience's societal position, moral contradictions, and self-awareness, with the goal of expanding their perspective beyond their everyday lives. She is a founder of Blank Page Theatre Company, the founder of Audition Checkup - an acting and vocal coaching company, and a Co-Founder of 151st Productions - a film company. She received her Undergraduate degree at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Musical Theatre, and is currently completing her MFA in directing at The Actors Studio Drama School. Check out her previous work and what’s to come on…
Instagram: @laurenashields | @auditioncheckup
Zakk Ottmers (he/him) is a director who has been entranced by the world of film and theatre since he was a small child. His passion for both has led him to New York to create pieces that invoke an audience to keep thinking far after they have left the theatre. Zakk has now produced several new works with his company Blank Page Theatre Co. including: Sisters, Riding Lessons, The Senator and His Wife Go On Retreat, and Say Gay. He has also worked on several Off-off Broadway works including: A Rehearsal for a Live-Action Adaptation of an Episode of “Tom and Jerry” and Queen in the key of D. He wants to thank his wonderful cast for their work, as well as, his friends and family for their support.
Instagram: @zakkottmers
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